I believe I came into this world with an affinity for nature already deeply engrained in my soul. Beautiful scenery raises my spirits and inspires my creativity. High on my priority list for housing requirements is “a good view!”

Photo by by Read Hilton of Chestnut Park Real Estate

The breath-taking property in the Beaver Valley that has been my home since 1996 has fed my spirit emotionally and psychically. Some of my poetry was composed while sitting in the trunk of a willow tree that was carved into a chair by a kind neighbour. The beautiful tree had been damaged in a wind storm years earlier and eventually needed to be cut down. Converting the trunk into a “Poet-tree” was my attempt to help preserve the willow’s life as a place of reflection and meditation. My partner’s grandchildren call this special chair the “Story Tree” and many original creations have found expression while the story teller assumed a rightful place of honour. Listeners would gather in a circle around the trunk, listen attentively to the speaker, and wait for a turn to tell their own tale.

Photo by Read Hilton

Initially the “Poet-tree” was just a barren trunk, but over the years many new branches
have sprung forth, giving the whole place a very “surrealist” appearance, so perfect
for flaming those embers of creativity.

Have you been inspired by a beautiful brush with nature? If you’d like to share a poem with me, I’d love to read your words. Email me at . Although I can’t promise to post every poem on my website, you will receive a personal response from me and your words may eventually be destined to reach a wider audience.

Morning Mist... Photo by David Dick



Photo by Charlotte Tarlo


Photo by Gord Eddy

The poem “Perspective” was composed while I looked out from my upstairs window onto a field of dandelions that had suddenly appeared as if by magic. This poem is also published in a newsletter at


The dandelions burst forth today,

Tiny yellow suns in a vast green sky,

Like constellations bravely charting
a new course in the Heavens;

Overhead a blue sea holds wisps of white foam,

Like ships sailing cautiously to an unknown harbour.

Right side up
or upside down

The world keeps turning
Images of beauty...

Paradise found.

- by Sharon Sinclar


In memory of a true
Guardian Angel, David Dick

Poetry Speaker, Sharon Sinclair

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