Diamond Poets:

The Magic Wand
By Rowan N. Stephenson

Once upon a time, there lived a boy. One day he saw something on the ground. He picked it up. It was a magic wand, but he did not know it, so he put it in his pocket. Later, he wished that he could see a dinosaur and he went back in time to when dinosaurs were alive. He said, “This must be a ma”- but he did not get to finish his sentence because right at that moment, a huge bird swooped down and snatched the magic wand and glided away.

The boy ran and ran until he came to a rock wall. He looked up and saw a nest at the top. So he started climbing. He climbed and he climbed until he came to the top. There was the bird with the magic wand in its beak. The boy said, “Can I please have my magic wand back so I can go home?”

The bird said, “Sure, I am sorry I took it. I did not know it was yours.”

The boy said it was all right and waved goodbye. Then he wished he could go home. Later at home, the boy went outside and put the wand back on the ground for the next person to find.


Across the sky
Between dream and reality
Birds soar
They swoop almost silently through the sky
A single feather falls to the world we call home
Soundlessly it drifts
Slowly, slowly, slowly
It settles on the surface of a lily pond
A silver fish leaps into the air twisting
It falls
It topples onto the feather and they both sink into the deep murk of the pond
A chocolate brown beaver swims by
The feather catches the beaver’s soft brown fur
The beaver climbs out of the silent pond
It basks in the glory of the sun
The feather falls
It gets caught in a strong gust of wind
It drifts down as before
A raven glides across the feather’s path on wings that have gone across the world
It snatches the feather up into its strong claws
The raven flies through daylight and midnight
Across forest and meadow, ocean and stream
It finally arrives at its nest
Its fuzzy babies wait for their meal
The feather almost comes to an end there
The chicks are about to snatch it into their gaping mouths
When an eagle swoops by
The feather is swept up in its wake
It falls onto the front lawn of a spring green house
A young girl steps out to enjoy the sunlight
Her glossy brown hair falls around her shoulders as she reaches down towards the feather
Her sparkling blue eyes twinkle when she picks it up
The feather finally finds a place to rest.

- by Cedar Winslow (written at Age 9, Grade 4)

My Sister

My sister
slowly looking
into the wonderful world
that lies before her,
the lush green grass
and the beautiful flowers
in the spring time,
the frost
and snow on the window pane
in the winter,
the gold, brown and red leaves
that fall to the ground in fall,
the memories of eating popsicles
while having a water fight...

"Yes," my sister thought,
"Yes, this is the world I will grow up in.
This is how life should be."

- by Natasha Blenkhorn

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