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You asked me once to write a verse
And recite it back to you,
Well today you turn 100, Grandma,
So here's one just for you...

From the Itsy Bitsy Spider
To the cookies you would bake,
To the special dining table
For the grand kids you would make;

From the flowers you would give me
To the tiny stones I'd bring,
The toys, the games, the dollies,
The songs that we would sing;

These are all my memories,
I'm sure that there are more
Tucked away inside my heart
From many years before;

As you sit and think about
The 100 years you've seen,
Remember you are truly loved
Just like itís always been;

So today we'll make more memories
For you and I to share,
Please know how much I love you
Please know how much I care.

- by Deb Peterson

(I read this to my Grandma at her birthday in May, 2010,
and it was also read at her funeral in August, 2010)


To Say I Love You

I promised I'd write a verse for you
And many times I tried,
The words, kept hidden in my heart,
Were flushed out when I cried.

Today I said ďGood-ByeĒ to you
I cried with all my heart,
Although I know we all must go
I never wanted us to part.

I said ďI love youĒ many times
You felt it in my touch,
Oh Grandpa I do love you so
But you'll never know how much.

Now that you have left us
I am sorry I didnít say
Just how much I love you
And think of you each day.

I know that as you read this,
Standing tall at Heaven's gate,
Your thought will be: "No Deborah,
It never is too late ...
To say I Love You."

Sadly missed and loved
by Deb Peterson

(written June 20, 1985,
the day my Grandpa passed away,
read at his funeral,
and recited often)


To My Husband

  With Love

All my life I've searched for
Someone just to love,
Now that I have found you
I thank the Lord above.

I can't believe the love I feel
When I look into your eyes,
A love so strong and true
Just cannot be disguised.

I thank you John for all you do
To show me every day
Just how much you love me
I pray it never fades away.

You are my life, my love, my happiness
My moon, my stars, my sun,
I thank you for the love you give
I'm glad that you're the one.

Please don't think that these are just words
Because I mean it from my heart,
I cannot stand a moment
That we have to be apart.

  Be-ebber & Be-Always
    Deborah xoxox



I want you to hear
How my heart feels inside,
The emotions, the memories
The love I canít hide.

Letís go back to my childhood
I was three maybe four,
Watching you shaving
Standing still at the door.

You would look down and smile,
Pick me up with a hug,
Put me up on the sink
To hold your shaving mug.

I remember your chair
So soft and so deep,
We would sit there for hours
Till I fell asleep.

I felt so safe there
Wrapped up in your arms,
So loved and so happy
No worries, no harms.

I wish I could hold you,
Keep you safe from lifeís harms,
Let you feel how I love you
Wrapped up in my arms.

What I would give now
To watch you shave just once more,
I'll never forget it...
I was three maybe four.

Love Forever, Deborah xox
- written for my Grandfather, my Momís Dad,
who passed away in 2000 from Lou Gehrigís Disease.


You were just a little girl
The day your Popa passed away,
It was a rainy, foggy, dreary
Fourteenth day of May.
Today I write this note to you
So you will always know
Just how much you meant to him
Your Popa loved you so.

"Popa's Girl" he'd say so proudly,
"Come sit up here with me,"
Drinkiní coffee, eatiní cookies
Just as happy as could be.

You would just come runniní
Thatís when you would start
To build a life-long memory
To store deep in your heart.

Faith, you put the sparkle
Back in your Popa's eyes,
That extra bounce put in his step
Was You, there's no disguise.

So, my love, when you are older
If your memories start to fade,
I'll be here to help remind you
Of the memories you and Popa made.

I'll love you forever, Faith. Love Deb xox

This poem I wrote for a little girl who lost her Grandpa in 2011. She is my husbandís cousinís daughter, and I love her like she was my own. She was only just over a year old and I wanted her to always know how much her Grandpa loved her. What better way than to have my poem published by!

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