Ruby Poets:

Some Day

There's a day in my life I'll never forget
As I sat by the river's edge.
Across rushing waters our wary eyes met
While you watched from a narrow ledge.

I thought you were wild, I was afraid,
But offered you my hand.
You took a chance, though young and scared
And forever sealed our bond.

I knew some day you'd have to go,
But it's too soon for goodbye.
I knew some day you'd have to die,
But does some day have to be now?

If only we could find that river.
If only we had more time.
If only my love could give you life,
I know you'd live forever.

Come walk with me before we part,
Through fields of butterflies.
And make me a day of memories
To forever hold in my heart.

I knew some day you'd have to go,
But it's too soon for goodbye.
I knew some day you'd have to die,
But some day . . . please, not now.

- by Grace (Gay) Marshall

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Ode to my Sun

I cast a seed outside my wall.
A bud sprang over. It died in the fall.
As I bent to gather one seed from it all,
I found its fall had cracked my wall.

And my wall... was very ... very ... tall.

I had never been able to pound it flat.
Funny... so tender a seed as that
Could bestow my sun to where I had sat
Whilst blindly watching where it was at...

- by Elaine Steel

Best Wishes

I wish for you
a melody of songbirds
sung upon the wind,
Daisy-crested rollers
washing hills of green,
A symphony of cloudy white billows
for you to soar
upon your dreaming wings,
Love and laughter enough
to drive the night away
and let the up-turned face of morning
bring you smiling, awake,
and let each golden ray descend
upon each golden day.

- by Gord Eddy

One More Meadow

Face-licking sunbeams
have chased me along,
through tail-wagging streams,
and up the laughing dawn
that gladness took
and made into days.

But memories fashioned
in a youthful soul
seem sadly far away.
The sun and I are almost gone,
no more hopeful beginnings,
no more treasures of time,
just the close and lonely twilight,
marking the end of the line.

I wish on this journey from day
there could be
just one more meadow to play in,
somewhere along the way,
just one more clover-pillowed hillside
to dream on,
and death, a thousand dreams away.

- by Gord Eddy

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