Precious Gems

In 2002 I started a support group of women at the school where I taught. I called the concept for the group: “Precious Gems.”

Within this group were many women, like myself, who were struggling to lose or maintain weight and needed encouragement and inspiration. Our weight management efforts were rewarded on a weekly basis by the collection of small glass gems. The gems also signified that each member of the group was, indeed, a precious gem... regardless of dress size!

For various reasons, regular group meetings were difficult to schedule, but the idea for
"Precious Gems" had been conceived in my mind and I began to see its potential as an empowerment concept in other areas of our lives. I believe that through God’s grace, Enthusiasm, Momentum and Self-esteem (GEMS), all things are possible.

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Divine Penmanship

As another busy day unfolds, 
may I remember to look up...
way up... 
If even for a  moment,
may my eyes 
search the sky for your signature. 
It's written everywhere - 
in the wisp of a cloud 
in the brilliance of the sun 
in the bold declaration
of a shooting star. 
Today, please let my mind
be at peace, 
secure in the knowledge 
that a Hand greater than my own 
is daily issuing promissory notes, 
stamped with Your flourish of grace, 
and sent by airmail 
to my outstretched arms. 

- by Sharon Sinclair


The Gooder You Can Do

A dear friend related recently
a charming tale of former days,
when her work as a fledgling teacher
garnered rather dubious praise.
She had drawn her best bunny rabbit
on the chalkboard for all to view,
when a Grade Two student inquired,
“Is that the gooder you can do?”
Such a candid observation
from a youngster’s innocent heart
delighted the child within me
and caused some musings to start...
Perhaps we should ask ourselves daily
if our actions have met the test;
Could the critic who lives within us
be assured we have done our best?
It’s so easy to be half-hearted
and procrastinate in our ways,
without seizing each fleeting moment
being grateful for all our days.
Let us live our lives to the fullest,
Let us say when the day is done,
“I have put forth my greatest effort
and worked with a spirit of fun.”
Then one day when our journey is over
and we stand in God’s heavenly view,
We can answer with child-like conviction,
“I did the gooder I could do.”

- by Sharon Sinclair

(inspired by Fairhopian friends Ruth and Ed LaMonte and brought into existence through the encouragement
of Sally and Glenn Stephenson)


My two Margarets

Poetry Speaker, Sharon Sinclair

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