Speaking Engagements

My history with public speaking goes back a long way! I can remember even in Elementary School being thrust onto the stage to give recitations at our community Christmas Concerts held in our local one-room school. Even as a child I was honing my editorial skills! I remember once being handed a recitation where I was supposed to say that the audience was “as welcome as a young man’s first shave.” It was only through my great esteem for my beloved teacher, Marion Duncan, that I got those words out of my mouth.

In our high school in Flesherton, Ontario, recognition for my skills in writing once again propelled a reluctant, very self-conscious student into the limelight. The only way I could find the courage for the task was to practice delivering my speeches to the mink I watered on our mink ranch or to the cows I would bring to the barn for milking.

Gradually I began to enjoy the theatrics of delivering a well-rehearsed speech, but the required impromptu speeches were terrifying to me. Mrs. Lilyan Goheen, one of my favourite English teachers, tried valiantly to help me overcome this aversion and in her company I often represented the girls’ division in regional public speaking contests. Another lovely English teacher, Mrs. Ritchie, coached me in delivering a speech whose message remains dear to my heart: “Peace in our Time.”

One of my first speaking engagements through Shalamar Enterprises was a seminar I conducted on the theme of Personal Empowerment. At that time a very dear friend of mine, Deborah Crawford, worked with me on designing my Precious Gems logo.  Deborah was also my excellent Events Coordinator and has been wonderfully supportive in all areas of my life. You will read more about Deborah in future updates, as I will be featuring some of the imaginative stories she continues to create in her exciting development as a writer.

When the files for the original design of the Precious Gems logo were lost in one of those inexplicable computer crashes, my assistant, Kathy Mason, recreated the current logo, altering the pastel colours to a more vibrant look. Kathy is proving to be invaluable to me in the development of Shalamar Enterprises. Her husband, Bob, also has had considerable input into this venture and I am deeply grateful that this talented couple has entered my life at exactly the right moment. Thank you, God! “All I have needed Thy hand hath provided - great is Thy faithfulness ever to me!” (words by Thomas O. Chisholm, from the hymn “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” - words and music copyright ©1923, renewal 1951 Hope Publishing Company. Descant copyright © 1995 Hope Publishing Company).

Over the last few years I have often been given opportunities to speak at very meaningful gatherings such as funerals (composing/delivering eulogies), Canada Day celebrations, and Remembrance Day services. I’ve also shared inspirational messages through opportunities for pulpit relief at Eugenia United Church in Eugenia, Ontario and St. John’s United Church, Flesherton, Ontario. Uplifting poetry is liberally sprinkled throughout any speeches I am privileged to deliver.

If you need someone to give wings to your words, please contact me at .

Photo by Donnie Hodder, taken at Eugenia United Church anniversary service, 2009

Photo by my sister-in-law, Shirley Sinclair, taken on my first day at Shalamar

Poetry Speaker, Sharon Sinclair

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